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On May 31, 1898 a meeting was held in Walkers Hall in the village of Capac to organize a State Savings Bank. A total of $14,200 in capital was raised to get the bank started. John W. Porter, Richard Shutt, Herbert C. Siegel, Walter Shearsmith and E.J. Buck were elected as the first five directors of the bank. A meeting of the Board was called and John W. Porter was elected the first president of Capac Savings Bank. The required paperwork was filed with the State and on June 20, 1898 the bank was officially opened for business. Over time, the bank has changed its name to reflect the broader markets it serves. Today, the bank is called CSB Bank.

During our history many challenges were overcome through the leadership of fifteen men who held the title of bank president. One of the most famous of these men was Albert E. Sleeper who in addition to being president of the bank from 1913 to 1926 was also governor of the State of Michigan from 1917 to 1920. Since Albert E. Sleeper there have been nine presidents. Their names are: Herbert C. Siegel, George C. Watson, William C. Siegel, Norman H. Brennan, Edward Mizdrak, Eugene K. McKillop, Joseph F. Salas, Gordon L. Bade and Michael J. Burke, Jr., the current president. Many of these men still have family members who are shareholders of the bank and residents of the local area.

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Past Presidents

John W. Porter

1898 – 1900

S. D. Bennett

1900 – 1905

H.C. Siegel

1906 – 1907

Fred T. Moore

1908 – 1912

Gustav A. Furhr

1912 – 1913

Albert E. Sleeper

1913 – 1926

H. C. Siegel

1927 – 1940

George C. Watson

1941 – 1943

William C. Siegel

1944 – 1974

Norman H. Brennan

1974 – 1979

Edward Mizdrak

1979 – 1980

Eugene K. McKillop

1980 – 1990

Joseph F. Salas

1990 – 2008

Gordon L. Bade

2008 – 2011

Michael J. Burke, Jr.

2012 - present

Executive Management

Michael Burke Jr.Joseph WordenMichael BoushelleBob Funk

Michael Burke, Jr.

Joseph Worden
Executive Vice President
Chief Operating Officer

Michael Boushelle
Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Robert Funk
Senior Vice President
Chief Lending Officer

Board of Directors

Greg McConnell, Chairman of the Board

Michael Burke, Jr.

Scot Sheldon

Harold Burns

Ronald Tosch

Daniel Duncan

Michelle Wendling