What are the daily limits on my CSB ATM/Debit Card?
Your specific daily limits were detailed on the documentation you received at the time your ATM/Debit card was issued. If you cannot find that documentation, please call or visit your local branch or call Customer Service at 800-905-7392.

Are there any steps I need to take when traveling to ensure my CSB ATM/Debit Card will work properly?
Yes, the bank takes care to ensure we have strong protection on all our customers’ CSB ATM/Debit Cards. Part of this protection can cause out of state transactions to be blocked. If you know you will be traveling, please contact Customer Service at 800-905-7392 and provide the details so we can notate your account.

Is there anything I should do if I will be at a different address than my home address for an extended period of time?
Yes. If, for example, you travel to a different address during the winter months, we can forward all your bank related correspondence to that address.  We can assign a time period you will be there so that we automatically forward to that address when you leave and switch back to your home address when you return.  You just need to give us the dates and address.  Please contact your local branch to set up this service.

Does CSB have a mobile application?
Yes, please visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download our app. Or click here to be taken to our mobile banking page.

How do I sign up for online banking?
Click here for instructions.

I've recently opened a new account, how do I add this new account to my existing online banking?
Please contact Customer Service at 800-905-7392 and provide the new account details to be added to your online banking.

How do I register my computer for online banking?
Click here for instructions.

Why do I have to register my computer each time I use online banking on the website?
This is most likely caused by the settings on your computer. Please click here to see our guide that can help make sure your computer is set up properly.

How do I apply for a consumer loan with CSB?
Please visit any of our branches, where our Branch Managers handle each loan request. Click here for a list of branches and managers.